Health & Wellness Tips from Spa Biltmore

Health & Wellness Tips from Spa Biltmore

Health & Wellness Tips from Spa Biltmore

Spa Biltmore Director, Leslie Johnson, has been an advocate of sustainability and wellness for the past 30 years. Her passion for wellness is undeniable and with a skillful blend of expertise she shares tips, tricks and simple spa rituals you can incorporate in your daily regimen.

“Have some fun creating your own air and linen freshener! Treating you and your linens or pillows with a mist of lavender is thought to promote relaxation. Try this simple technique for possibly enhancing your night’s sleep with a calming scent”:

  1. Place 7 to 10 drops in a 8oz of distilled water.
  2. Pour the lavender and water mixture into a spray bottle and give a couple shakes.
  3. Mist your newly washed sheets and pillow cases before drying and even again lightly, once linens are on the bed.

Additional Benefits:

Misting clothes before ironing will also leave a fresh scent without harming the materials. Teeing off in the dry heat? Take your fresh mist on the golf course to use as a cooling spray. It’s relaxing, great for the skin, and it might even help you keep it in the fairway.

Lavender essential oil can be purchased at your local health food store. You can adjust the number of lavender drops to find the balance and fragrance that is perfect for you.

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