Family-Friendly Activities at Arizona Biltmore Resort | Arts & Crafts

Family Crafting

Put on a colorful apron and pick up a brush or a glue stick and let the iconic setting of the Arizona Biltmore channel your creative side. These projects can be simple or complex, depending on what you choose. When it comes to family bonding, nothing beats getting creative together. There are so many different crafts that you can try – the possibilities are endless!

Hydrofit | Aqua Based Fitness Classes


Water exercise is all about moving more water and creating more resistance—an irresistible combination for a great low-impact workout. Get more from your exercise with the most versatile water movements, combining core strength and muscular endurance to deliver a total body workout.

Aqua Bootcamp

Aqua Bootcamp

Get ready to be challenged by the resistance of the water! Adults of all ages can experience this high-intensity water fitness program that provides the benefits of weight training with little to no impact on joints. This deep water circuit-style class combines bodyweight exercises and resistance equipment to sculpt and tone muscles, with high-intensity interval training for an additional aerobic challenge.

Slime Station Activity | Family Fun at Arizona Biltmore Resort

Slime Station & Indoor Games

The slime station will provide tons of gooey slime-making fun for children ages 4 and up. Make your own neon, glitter or foam bead slime! Mix in the fun or keep it classic, it’s up to you! Swirl Slime colors to create incredible tie-dye and rainbow Slime twists! It’s super gooey fun! Stretch it, squish it, twist it; explore all the fun ways to play your slime!

Yoga Classes Arizona Biltmore

Yin Yoga

Deep stretches held for minutes at a time to create a connection with the physical sensations of the body while calming the mind. In Yin, we hold an asana, or pose, for anywhere between one and 20 minutes. We come into the pose to a point where we feel significant resistance—our ‘edge’—and stay there, calmly holding the pose and remaining still for the duration.

Arizona Biltmore Mosaic | Frank Lloyd Wright Design

Legendary History Tours

The Arizona Biltmore celebrated its grand opening on Feb. 23, 1929, launching as the grandest hotel of Hollywood’s Golden Age and immediately becoming famous for its bold Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced architecture, sophisticated comforts and celebrated guests. Learn more about our storied past and the meticulous restoration we’ve just completed that will carry the iconic Arizona Biltmore forward for the next century.

Live Music at The Wright Bar

Live Music at The Wright Bar

Continue a night you’ll never want to end with a drink and live music at The Wright Bar. Feel your senses heighten as the soft strum of the acoustic guitar picks up into a sultry Latin harmony. The Wright Bar embodies the renegade spirit of Hollywood’s Golden Age that says anything might happen and probably has.

Mat Pilates | Fitness Classes at the Arizona Biltmore

Mat Pilates

A group of exercises targeting the powerhouse muscles, including the glutes, hips, pelvic floor and lower back. Increase flexibility and build core strength through Pilates practice on the mat. Our instructors will be there to help you find ways to modify each exercise to fit your needs, whether you’re an amateur or have been practicing Pilates for years.

Tennis Matchplay & Court Rentals | Phoenix Tennis Courts

Tennis Clinic

Take your game to the next level and join us in our weekly tennis offerings. Learn technical and strategic skills to improve your game in our professionally run clinic designed for 3.0-4.0 USTA-rated players. Our PBI professionals lead a fun, active session helping with technical and strategical requests from the participants.

Vinyasa Yoga | Arizona Biltmore Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga

An active practice that guides the participants through a series of yoga poses to connect the breath with movement while promoting flexibility, strength, and body alignment. All experience levels are welcome.