A Waldorf Wedding

Build your beginning on a foundation that is as timeless as ours.

Embrace a long history of refinement, impeccable taste and a standard of entertaining that is synonymous with grace and style. Choose a Phoenix wedding at the Arizona Biltmore and enjoy a place of stately beauty, flawless service and luxurious amenities to create your unforgettable day.


Let our expert catering team create the perfect menu for your special day. Internationally known for inventive menus and fine global cuisine, the Arizona Biltmore has a long-standing tradition of culinary excellence. Designated to provide an unparalleled level of sophistication, our banquet service exemplifies the distinctive care and tradition the Arizona Biltmore is known for.







The Cottage Court– a unique, circular lawn area, nestled within quaint cottages, built in 1929

The Paradise Garden– set in a lush flower garden with a long “aisle” for the bride to make her grand procession.

The Squaw Peak Terrace – a stunning, spacious hexagonal shaped area with pristine lawns, colorful flower beds and a sparkling fountain all surrounded by sun-kissed palm trees and set against the backdrop of The Phoenix Mountain Preserve.






Gilded ceilings and inspired elegance. Architectural brilliance and timeless romance. Hold a spectacular wedding reception in one of our ballrooms at Arizona Biltmore.

Aztec Room– one of our most popular wedding rooms since 1929, featuring an original gold leaf ceiling, two fireplaces, and an outdoor patio, which is perfect for cocktail receptions.

Gold Room – originally our premier dining room, now transformed into an elegant wedding venue for up to 300 guests, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, an outdoor pre-reception area, and a unique gold leaf ceiling.

Grand Ballroom– a spacious ballroom featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a unique circular shape, which accommodates up to 350 guests. Its timeless elegance is complemented with a large terrace surrounding the Squaw Peak lawn for your cocktail or champagne reception.

outdoor wedding ceremony