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The Wright Bar

For something more intimate, the notoriously cool Wright Bar dazzles from morning to nightcap. The Wright Bar embodies the renegade spirit of Hollywood’s Golden Age that says anything might happen and probably has – and is bringing back the night as it was meant to be enjoyed.

The Wright Bar at Arizona Biltmore | Home of the Tequila Sunrise

Effortlessly Fabulous. Notoriously Cool.

It’s impossible to not drink in the surroundings with as much pleasure as your chosen tipple. Designed to honor its legendary history, the Wright Bar uses space and light to create a very special - and very ‘Biltmore’ – atmosphere of contemporary yet iconic glamour. From day to night, the Wright Bar is the perfect host; brilliantly conspiratorial and just waiting to dance you off into a beautiful new reality, slightly beyond the norm.

Open daily from 4pm to 12am

Arizona Biltmore in 1930 | Historic Resorts in Phoenix | Frank Lloyd Wright

Home of the Tequila Sunrise

Of course, it would be wrong not to order the original Tequila Sunrise cocktail, invented right here in the 1930’s by our longtime bartender, Gene Sulit. As legend recalls, a guest asked Mr. Sulit to create him a refreshing drink to take poolside – and to surprise him with its flavor. Mr Sulit rose to the challenge, and the result was a delicious blend of soda and tequila with crème de cassis and fresh lime juice. Because of the crème de cassis’ density, it settled at the bottom of the glass, creating the gradient of colors that mimicks a sunrise and created a name. The Tequila Sunrise went on to enjoy a reputation as colorful as itself, soon adopted by rock stars across the world and cementing its place amongst the cocktail constellations.