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The Biltmore is set amongst an epic landscape of sheer majesty that can add unforgettable memories to your stay. From the celestial wonder of star-gazing to actually soaring above the earth in an elegant hot-air balloon, our program of adventures will carry you to new horizons just waiting to be explored.

Desert Stargazing and Night Vision Tour

The Arizona Biltmore’s Stellar Adventure will take you on an extraordinary journey through our solar system, gazing out from our planet to others with the help of powerful telescopes. Explore lunar mountains, highlands, deep canyons, and craters as old as time. Study Jupiter in quite breathtaking detail; her colorful belts, bands and swirls rotating serenely more than five hundred million miles away. See the ‘Great Red Spot’ storm that has raged for centuries across her surface, and the four Galilean moons, so close you could almost touch them.

Soaring Over the Sonoran Desert

Gain a new perspective on life as you rise up, up and away. During the flight you’ll have a wonderfully unobstructed view of the landscape, allowing for stunning photography and a new way of seeing the world around us. Your pilot will explore a variety of altitudes; going up to 3,000 feet for a marvelous overview of the valley, and down to just under 400 feet from the ground for the fantastic sensation of soaring across the earth on the wings of an eagle. A post-flight private picnic and champagne toast provides the perfect ending to a beautiful adventure. 

Pashley Bikes

Built by England’s longest-running bicycle manufacturer, the Pashley is the Rolls Royce of bicycles. Elegantly crafted, classically designed, and each and every one made entirely by hand, the result is a sturdy two-wheeler that is both comfortable and practical, with an eternally stylish retro edge.

Inquire with Bell Services for rental information. Reservations not accepted, rentals are first-come, first-served.

Sunrise Hike in the Phoenix Mountains

Pink cotton-candy clouds, rocky ridgelines, long shadows cast by towering saguaro cactus, and a warm breeze on your face. These are the peaceful hallmarks of a beautiful sunrise hike in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Join an expert local hiking guide from REI for an early morning adventure that clears the mind and starts your day well. Guests should be prepared for loose, rocky, cactus-lined trails, wildlife sightings and incredible views of the panoramic Phoenix skyline and surrounding mountains.

Casual Bike Tour on Phoenix Canal

The Arizona Canal’s multi-use path is a great ride for all ability levels who are looking to enjoy a nice scenic route through Phoenix. A true urban bike ride, this wide waterway cuts through multiple neighborhoods, parks, and commercial districts full of restaurants and shopping centers.

Leave from just beyond the hotel and ride for as long as you’d like, at your own pace. The path ends at the spectacular Arizona Falls waterfalls for a cool and refreshing finish.


Your room will
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Your room will
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